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Audubon New Mexico’s Birdathon is here!
Audubon New Mexico's Birdathon team at Bosque del Apache NWR, 2015. Photo: Maryam Miller
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Audubon New Mexico’s Birdathon is here!

Sunscreen? Check.
Hat? Check.
Water? Check.
Snacks? Check.

Binoculars? Check.


Ready for the annual Audubon Birdathon? Check!

Have fun while you help raise money to protect New Mexico's birds and the habitats they depend on!

Audubon’s annual Birdathon is upon us! One of our favorite events of the year, Birdathon, is Audubon’s largest annual fundraiser where teams from all over the country attempt to spot as many bird species as they can in a 24-hour period starting on May 1st.   

It’s an endurance scavenger hunt challenge, and this year, we’re lucky enough to have 7 incredible teams birding for conservation! Join the excitement today by supporting a team.

Audubon New Mexico’s Birdathon helps raise funds for local conservation and education programs, in addition to raising awareness about the health of different habitats and how they directly impact bird populations.

Here in New Mexico, our 7 teams will begin peering through binoculars beginning May 1st and flying home with their counts on May 21st. Teams will explore areas from as far south as Carlsbad to as far north as Española, seeking the habitats that support the greatest diversity of birds in the state. By supporting a team, you will be contributing to one of Audubon New Mexico’s leading conservation and education programs.

You can participate in Audubon New Mexico’s Birdathon by making an online donation by simply selecting your favorite bird to support.

CNMAS Thursday Birders


ANM All-Stars

Megan and John  

The Buffs  

The Black Caps  

NM Century Club

Your Contribution
your favorite Birdathon team via their Audubon’s Birdathon secure online donation page and make a flat-rate, tax-deductible pledge today.

Please invest in Audubon New Mexico with a gift of $75, $150 or $1,000—or any amount—today. Your tax-deductible gift will be put to immediate use, helping to meet local, urgent demands for Audubon’s conservation, education and restoration programs. All of the funds that Audubon New Mexico and our team members raise during Birdathon will stay in-state, for the benefit of New Mexico’s habitats and communities.

On behalf of Audubon New Mexico and our Birdathon teams, we’re grateful for you and our network of Audubon members, partners and advocates who work alongside our staff and volunteers to conserve and protect the health of New Mexico’s rich biodiversity. Thank you for your support!

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