Birds and Beer

A partnership to protect New Mexico’s rivers through science-based conservation and serious craft brewing.

Marble Brewery, one of New Mexico’s leading and most awarded breweries, has come together with Audubon New Mexico to create a collaboration that highlights precious freshwater resources for birds and people in the Land of Enchantment

For over a century, Audubon has been a defender of birds and critical habitat, protecting the health of our landscapes.  For almost a decade, Marble has championed good times for good people, inspired by the eclectic communities and beauty of New Mexico.  In this partnership, Audubon New Mexico and Marble Brewery celebrate the fact that where birds thrive, people prosper! Together, through science-based conservation and serious craft brewing, they call attention to the urgent need to protect New Mexico’s natural resources: the grasslands, forests and rivers that make New Mexico such a special place for birds and people.

Marble’s consumers and birds alike enjoy important riparian areas that Audubon is fighting to protect. We raised our glasses to Audubon New Mexico’s recent historic water victory along the Rio Grande to wet the river during what is traditionally the driest time of year, in partnership with four Middle Rio Grande Pueblos and The Club at Las Campanas. We also stand with our fellow concerned citizens and dependent wildlife to defend the Gila River from a proposed diversion, New Mexico’s last free-flowing river. We should all appreciate the ribbons of water running throughout our state and understand the importance of protecting and restoring them, including keeping water in the river.

The partnership between Marble Brewery and Audubon New Mexico is an effort to tap in to New Mexico’s ever-growing recreation economy, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars for New Mexico’s annual budget, of which wet rivers play a critical factor. In 2014, Marble Brewery launched the first limited-release in a series of “healthy habitat beers” called Extended Flight, which supports Audubon’s river conservation efforts throughout the state.

“We’re grateful for our partnership with Marble Brewery, and think their greening efforts and conscious support of conservation is a perfect example that businesses and consumers don’t have to choose between the environment and the economy,” said Julie Weinstein, Audubon New Mexico’s Executive Director.

The decorated local brewery continues its “going green” efforts to give back to the community that supports them.  “When you think about it, supporting river conservation is a natural fit for a brewery because without water, we couldn’t make beer,” said Ted Rice, President and Brewmaster of Marble.  “Here in New Mexico, where freshwater is a scarce and precious resource, we think it is essential to make every effort to conserve it to the best of our abilities.”

The Extended Flight name is designed to weather many seasons. Marble Brewery and Audubon New Mexico are currently collaborating on the second edition of the Extended Flight series that will benefit Audubon New Mexico’s freshwater conservation program and the birds, wildlife and people that depend on the health of our rivers. In the meantime, head to a Marble taproom in the Albuquerque area or try one of their beers on tap at one of their partner bars. Cheers!

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