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Southwest Animal Tracking in Winter with Ann Hunkins

Get out there this winter and track animals in the snow!

Thursday, January 21, 2021
5:00pm Mountain Online Event

Southwest Animal Tracking in Winter with Ann Hunkins

January 21, 2021


Winter is a gratifying time to track animals because you can often follow their tracks a long way in snow and find stories of hunts, kills, beds, feeding, etc. Yet animal tracks in snow aren’t always as easy to follow as we think, and can be tricky to identify if the snow is deep and soft, melting as you track, or hard and icy. 

We’ll start with a review of basic animal tracks and gaits, differences between canine and feline tracks and domestic dog tracks. Then we’ll look at photos of track and sign in various snow conditions. I’ll talk about the way many animals move across the landscape differently in winter than other seasons, the world of life under deep snow, and hibernation. All levels of experience welcome!

Ann Hunkins has been studying tracking for over a decade, with Casey McFarland and Jim Lowery as well as through the Kamana program. She is a Level 4 internationally certified tracker, currently working on a specialist certification. She also studies bird language, awareness and ancestral skills.

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