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Audubon New Mexico Welcomes a Director of Policy!

Say hello to Judy Calman

Building on our track record of delivering conservation solutions through on-the-ground delivery, science education, and policy innovation, Audubon New Mexico has taken a major step forward in our ability to solve our most pressing conservation challenges by hiring Judy Calman as Director of Policy. In this new position Judy will help to elevate the voices of the over 9,000 Audubon New Mexico members to policy makers at the state and federal level in order to achieve real and lasting change in how we steward our natural resources for the benefit of birds and people.

Judy Calman
Judy Calman

Growing up in Washington, DC, Judy Calman was always fascinated by the vast landscapes of the west, and New Mexico in particular. Halfway through college at the University of Maryland, she did a one-semester exchange program at the University of New Mexico, and never went back! Judy finished her degrees in Biology and Philosophy in Albuquerque, and after becoming involved in politics and activism in the early and mid-2000’s, she decided to go to law school. Judy holds a Juris Doctorate from UNM, as well as a Master’s in Environmental Policy from the Vermont Law School.

For the first ten years of her career she worked as the attorney for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, where she helped protect New Mexico’s public lands by opposing damaging projects in sensitive areas, working with agencies to improve project proposals, nominating special places for federal administrative designations, and through litigation when absolutely necessary. Judy was also the organization’s lobbyist and worked at the state legislature for better policies at the state level.

She is excited for the next chapter of her life with Audubon New Mexico, where she is focusing on improving state policies regarding wildlife, water, and renewable energy siting, as well as protection of sensitive bird habitat in southeast New Mexico which is heavily threatened by oil and gas.

When not working, she is either swimming, quilting, reading, or drinking good wine with good friends.

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