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Audubon New Mexico Welcomes a New Avian Biologist

Amy Erickson joins our staff

Before coming to work at Audubon New Mexico, Amy was the Program Director for the Save Our Bosque Task Force, a nonprofit based in Socorro, New Mexico that works to restore riparian habitat in the Middle Rio Grande. Prior to that, she worked as a private land biologist in eastern New Mexico where she designed and implemented habitat improvement projects to benefit Lesser Prairie-Chickens.

Originally from Kansas, she received a Master's degree from Kansas State University where she investigated the impacts of fire and grazing on grassland songbirds.

Amy enjoys the collaborative nature of Audubon New Mexico. She has been working in the Middle Rio Grande area for the past year and is looking forward to strengthening the relationships she’s created with landowners, agencies, nonprofits, and other conservation partners. Her favorite bird is the Loggerhead Shrike, but she also loves parrots of all kinds, especially Sun Parakeets, as she shares her home with two of them!

 "Anything that gets me outside and interacting with nature, including hiking, backpacking, nature photography, and of course birding,” are a few ways that Amy's spends her off hours. When she is at home she spends most of her free time cooking, baking, reading, gardening, and playing with her pets: two sun parakeets, Rio and Malibu, and her mutt dog Zia. 

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