Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary

Mil Gracias to the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary Summer Volunteers

The word, “volunteer” doesn’t define enough the generous dedication of the people that help to make the Center what it is. The staff can’t imagine a summer without volunteers – it’s just not possible.

As the staff will attest, the Summer and Fall of 2018 was especially busy. Our dedicated volunteers stepped up and helped out in a myriad of ways.

They worked extra shifts restoring and cleaning the Historic Randall Davey House and Studio, and worked extra shifts in the visitor center as well as leading birding walks every Saturday morning. They did endless amounts of maintenance work around the property. They shored up trails after much welcomed rains. They graciously greeted groups of visitors and gave tours of the Davey house and studio more specifically for the recent daylong Historic Artists Homes Tour on the Centennial Celebration of New Mexico Museum of Art, School for Advanced Research, and the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. They spent hours in the intense New Mexico sun, working on special projects. The “gardeners” spent countless hours planting, pruning, watering and weeding our beautiful gardens to ensure birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and humans had something to enjoy all year long. And they did it all with a smile, like they always do!

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Randall Davey house docents Kim Straus, Karen Ford, Karen Foss & Julie Leufvenius as well as Judy Montano; our Wednesday maintenance crew Rocky Tucker, Russ Garland, Rick Jaramillo, and John Pfeil. Bird walk leaders Tom Taylor, John Remaly, Rick Rockman, Warren Berg, Rocky Tucker and Cheryl Grindle along with butterfly expert Steve Cary; the Santa Fe Master Gardeners Association led by Joy Mandelbaum and lead volunteers Chris Durlak, Anne Farber, Marta Gyeviki, and Susie Sonflieth; visitor center volunteers Rick Rockman, Rocky Tucker, Eleanor Eisenmenger, Natali Steinberg, Karen Ford, Pauline Foral, Dan Korzec, Judy Montano, Carlyn Jervis, Carol Ashcraft, Adele Caruthers, and Grace Perez. And a big thank you to community science monitor Allison Jones-Lo and her crew, as well as our orchard tenders, Dale Doremus and Hannah Riseley-White.

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