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A webinar with Ann Hunkins

In our second animal tracking webinar this year, we will dive into more unusual animal tracks, scat, and other signs! We will very briefly go over the basics of tracking, then move on to the more unusual tracks you see on the land in the Southwest: birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, plus scat of all kinds of animals. We will also talk about other signs such as marks on trees, bedding areas, nests, feathers, browse lines and much more! This program is intended for any level of experience.

Ann Hunkins has been studying tracking for over a decade, with Casey McFarland and Jim Lowery as well as through the Kamana program. She is a Level 4 internationally certified tracker, currently working on a specialist certification. She also studies bird language, awareness and ancestral skills.

This virtual program is by donation. You are not required to donate, but your donation of $5-10 helps us to compensate Ann for her time and allows us to provide environmental education to students across New Mexico and Arizona. Please consider donating here:

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