Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary

Summer Camp 2019 Update

Snapshots from camp

The sun is high, the bees are buzzing, and the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary is filled with laughter and exclamations of wonder and amazement. Throughout the months of June and July, the education team will host over 230 children as part of its annual summer camp program, including 25 scholarship recipients whose families come from lower socio-economic brackets. These scholarships are supported by Wild Birds Unlimited, and private gifts from other camp families and donors.

In addition, Audubon New Mexico has been partnering with the City of Santa Fe to provide programs to underserved youth through the City’s summer camp at Sweeney Elementary. Our educators and 100 students enjoyed four weeks of outdoor learning, including weekly field trips to the Davey Center to explore wildlife found in and around Santa Fe.

Here’s a snapshot of our summer camp fun, so far:     

Amazing Animals

June 3-7

Amazing animals
Bugs tickle!

Calling all animal lovers! We spent the week investigating some of the wildest creatures in the animal kingdom! Where do vultures go in the winter? How do insects protect themselves from being eaten? Each day was packed with outdoor explorations focused on a different animal group, as well as games, crafts, and science fun!    

Nature Trekkers

June 10-14

nature trekkers
a nature trekker takes a rest to research
campers on the trail
Trekkers on the trail

We hit the trails with a map and a compass this week! We explored the land, its shapes, and animal inhabitants. Through outdoor adventures, creative games, hands-on investigations, and art projects, campers learned what makes our New Mexico landscape so unique. Campers loved ending the week with a scavenger hunt adventure that tested all their skills!

 Super Sprouts

June 17-21

campers and Master Gardeners
Campers and Master Gardeners
Super Sprouts
Planting flowers for birds
In the terrace garden

This week’s investigations were all focused on the plant kingdom! Campers explored native plants, edible plants, medicinal plants, and pollinators in our wildlife garden and sanctuary. At the end of the week, campers got a special visit from the Master Gardeners, who guided our blossoming botanists and helped them get their hands dirty in the garden!

 Rock On!

June 24-28

Young geologists

We rocked out at the Audubon Center all week while being super geologists! Campers learned how rocks are formed, went on a fossil hunting expedition, and learned all about minerals and landforms. We finished out the week by conducting an explosive volcanic experiment! We had a fun-filled week of science and outdoor adventure.

Bird Buddies

July 8-12

Hoola hoop game

Flapping, chirping, and nesting. We dove into the world of all things avian! Campers learned all about the cool adaptations birds use to survive by investigating bird artifacts, going on bird hikes, and engaging with the art of feathers and beaks. We ended the week with a special visit from the Master Gardeners, who taught us about different ways to help birds and other wildlife.

Wild Survival

July 8-12

Mapping for wild survival
Campers at the new David Jay Henderson Pavilion

How does a bear survive the winter? How does a snake avoid being hunted? Animals survive in the wild every day… but could you? This week at camp we learned different methods of survival while exploring along the trail. Campers got to test their skills at navigating through the forest, building a shelter, and exploring the wild!  This week was also exciting as the first program held in the brand new David J Henderson pavilion!

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