Urgent Action Needed: Support New Mexico’s Environment and Public Health

Tomorrow: House Bill 51 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee Saturday afternoon, March 13.

The idea is pretty simple. New Mexico’s birds and other wildlife stand a better chance if we make considering their habitats as easy as possible for agencies, industries, and others planning new land uses in the state. This is exactly what New Mexico House Bill 51 would do. By creating a map-based searchable database housing data from the state’s seven environmental agencies, the public will be able to understand what’s happening in their neighborhoods, agencies will be able to make better decisions, and industries will be better able to navigate the state permitting process.

Take Action Today: tell your Representatives that you support the Environmental Database Bill!

The New Mexico Environmental Database would be a one stop shop for critical environmental information. It would protect birds and wildlife by making available data on rare plants and Threatened/Endangered species. It would protect our communities by including public health data and the locations of impaired waters, oil and gas wells, and utility-scale solar and wind projects on state land. It would protect places valuable to both birds and wildlife by highlighting New Mexico’s State Parks. 

With environmental data distributed across seven different agencies, it can be extremely difficult for industries, agencies, and the public to get a clear sense of what’s going on in the state.  By consolidating all of this data onto a single map, it’s easier to see how birds and their habitats will be affected by land use decisions, and it’s more likely that they’ll come out on top.

House bill 51 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee Saturday afternoon, March 13. Please show your support by contacting your Representatives today.

(Looking to do more than send an email?  Use this link to find contact information for your district’s Representatives and give them a call!  A phone call from constituents about active legislation can make a big difference.)

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