Leave it to Beavers with J. David Blagg

NM Beaver

May 30 2015 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm


Passing along our cherished New Mexico streams and rivers, do you pause to think about the roles of the Beaver in our watersheds?  Their benefits are easily overlooked, their roles in ecosystems misunderstood, and they are too often considered a pest, or worse.  


The mighty Beaver survived climate changes that brought ice and drought. They can live in or out of water, and have done more to make Earth livable and beautiful than almost any other species.


David’s love of this animal oozes through his pores.  Join him in examining what they do, how they live and, most importantly, how to live with them.


After some book larnin’ in the classroom, and after the sun sets, David will walk the class down to the Santa Fe River and the beaver ponds. 


Bring appropriate clothes and footwear! 










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